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Lenard Tool and Machine, Inc. is a leading molding tools and machines manufacturer for the elastomer industry. As a custom engineering and manufacturing company that is unique worldwide, we provide our expertise in the following:

• Custom Mold Tooling Design and Manufacture
• Product Design and Engineering
• Reverse Engineering

Molding Tools

We guarantee the quality of our products through rigorous design and tool fabrication checks to ensure those customer specifications are met. We also ensure that our products are dimensionally and functionally accurate through inspections. In addition, we provide innovative solutions and outstanding products and services. Contact us today for more details! 

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What We Do

Tool Design and Manufacturing

We provide advanced tool design and manufacturing for the elastomer molding industry. Our experienced team can provide 2D and 3D CAD modeling, prototypes, testing, and technical support. We can design and manufacture the following:

• Compression Molds
• Hot or Cold Runner Injection Molds
• Hot or Cold Transfer Molds
• LIM Book Molds for Vertical and Horizontal Molding Presses

There is an extensive range of materials available for our tools, which include:

• 420 Pre Hard Stainless Steel Cavity Plates
• 4140 Pre-Hardened Cavity Plates
• 1144 Plates and Cores
• H13, S7, 420, and 440 SS
• Heat-Treated Cavity Inserts and Cores

Our crew can also add additional tooling options, such as:

• Extrusion Pin and Die Sets
• Demolding Devices
• Clicker Die Sets

We can also send out cavity plates, inserts, and cores to be plated. Some examples of the materials we run in our tools include silicone, EPDM, neoprene, Viton, and natural rubber. We offer various tool manufacturing processes, including:

• Blanchard and Surface Grinding
• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning
• Sinker and Wire EDM
• Bead Blasting
• Welding

Our product dimensions are all part and press-specific and can range in length and width from 4″ to 42″ and 1/16″ to 16″ in height.

Inspections and Quality Checks

At Lenard Tool and Machine, Inc., we guarantee our product with quality checks during the design phase and tool fabrication to verify customer specifications, in addition to dimensional and functionality inspections. Our tolerances are part specific and can range between ±0.0005″ and ±0.0010″. Our lead times are quoted on a job-by-job basis, and emergency and rush services are available.

Custom Product Design and Engineering

We do custom product design and engineering for customers looking for full-service tooling prototypes to production capabilities. Our engineering team offers consulting, testing, and material selection. In addition to prototyping, design assistance, engineering, and development can be incorporated into the tooling project.

The team utilizes Autodesk’s CAM software for modeling and drawing and Delcam’s CAD and CAM software for manufacturing. The advanced software capabilities of our engineering department are beneficial to our customers because we can give them options to modify models and drawings that offer cost reductions in tooling, molding, and demolding.

Pencil and Rulers

Our design and engineering team can provide a wide range of tooling types to satisfy customer specifications. Additional documentation, integration, reverse engineering, and technical support are available upon request. Each project is quoted on a job-by-job basis, and emergency and rush services are available.

Reverse Engineering


We reverse engineer tooling parts and molds for customers in the automotive, plumbing, and medical industries. Utilizing software models, our mechanical engineers can complete dimensional inspections that aid in recreating obsolete parts. Our facility has gauges, micrometers, calipers, height gauges, and a positioning table essential to completing the process.

All our equipment is complemented by advanced software programs, including AutoCAD, Delcam PowerShape, Inventor, and Mechanical Desktop. You can rest assured that each of our completed reverse-engineered parts undergoes functionality testing.

Our team can provide additional technical support, design assistance, integration, and documentation services. We issue detailed prints and part models upon completing the reverse engineering project.

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